About us

About us and our dogs

Our names are Berit and Tore Weberg. It is us that have kennel OobyDooby, a small homebreeding. The name of the kennel was registered some years ago, the intention was to bred Cairn-terrier. But no puppies arrived, so the kennel has been "sleeping". We've had dogs all the time, Old English Sheepdog and Cairn-terrier. In february 2002 we had a cairn who got ill, we understood that she should leave us soon, and the question of getting a new dog turned up. Father had some doubts and said; in case it had to be a cairn again.
Mothers dreamdog is an Old English Sheepdog , but she has realized that an OES are to big and demanding. Well we did som looking and searching on internett, and one day in february we went for a dogshow, just to take a look. Home again we found that kennel Ico Leg had puppies. To make a long story short, Bob became a new member of the family. A small "bandit" who loved to set his theeths on naked toes. Mother were happy, she had a little OES look-a-like thing in the house, while father still want's a Cairn. Four weeks later, ther was a grown Cairn for sale in the newspaper, and so we got a new member of the family. Lykke..

.Bob is a Lamleh-dog and when this is a line we found interesting we choosed to go for this. By getting a bitch from kennel Garma Kiy this was done. So early one morning at the end of september we fetched a small golden miss. She was the most sweet, enjoyable and kindest, but also the "worst" tibbe in the world. Marte "which is her name" could get job as a "foghorn" at once. She yelled when she wanted something, and yelled when she did'nt . Unfortunately Bob had bad hips , so our plans about breeding with him stopped. Bob has become a "giant-tibbe" both when becomes size and mentaly. He is much to big, but that don't bother us. He has also been castrated because of his hips. Bob is a big "cosy" boy. Marte i a small golden miss, who knows what she wants. She is very familiar and will not mingle with strangers. She is a very cosy and "kissy" girl..

Lykke are the most friendly dog in the world. We got her when Bob was a puppy, and he was allowed him to have that license for a long time. Lykke loves everyone and settles everywhere.